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All complaints are received and recorded at the complaints-handling desk. Complaints are received through the following modes:

  1. The person in charge of complaints handling shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours if the complainant has provided a contact address;
  2. Once a complaint has been received and acknowledged as received, the Authority will undertake an initial review of the complaint to ascertain whether it is within its scope to handle it and advise accordingly. Where the complaint falls outside the scope of the Authority, the complainant shall be advised to lodge the complaint with the appropriate institution.
  3. After assessment for admissibility of the complaint, investigation on the complaint will commence. The investigation will be undertaken if the Authority feels that the information provided is enough. However, should the Authority feel that the information is not enough or during the investigation the Authority feels that there is need for clarification of certain aspects of the complaint, the Authority may request the complainant to provide additional information or documentation. This will assist in resolving the complaint effectively and efficiently. In such circumstances the Authority will explain the purpose of seeking clarification or additional documentation and provide the complainant with feedback on the status of the complaint at that time.
  4. The Authority shall ensure that the complaint is investigated in an impartial manner and confidentiality is maintained.
  5. Once investigation is complete, the Authority will make a decision on the basis of the outcome of the investigation and inform the complainant of the action the Authority has taken. Then the complainant will be contacted and informed of the decision in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the complaint.
  6. If the complainant does not feel satisfied with the outcome, they can appeal to the Managing Director/CEO, Authority Chairman or the Authority on Administrative Justice (the Ombudsman).

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