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Driving Economic Growth Through Privatisation

Since independence in 1963, Kenya has aimed to boost economic development and citizen participation through the establishment of parastatals.

Over time, reviews revealed inefficiencies and recommended privatisation to enhance performance and reduce public sector burdens.

The 1992 Policy Paper initiated significant privatisation efforts, leading to improved infrastructure and economic growth.

Today, privatisation continues to drive Kenya’s development by fostering a competitive, market-driven economy.

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Privatisation is a transaction that results in the transfer, other than to a public entity, of the assets and/or liabilities of a public entity, including the shares in a public entity.
The Privatisation Authority, established under Section 8 of the Privatisation Act, 2023, is tasked with advising the government on all aspects of privatisation of public entities, facilitating the implementation of government policies on privatisation, and implementing the privatisation programme.
A Privatisation Programme is a list of public entities identified for privatisation, subjected to public participation, approved by the Cabinet, ratified by the National Assembly, and gazetted for implementation.
Benefits include reduction of the demand for government resources, generation of additional government revenues, broadening the base of ownership in the economy, improvement of infrastructure and public services, better regulation of the economy, increased efficiency, and enhancement of capital markets.
The National Treasury and Economic Planning Cabinet Secretary formulates the programme through consultation with affected parties, submits it to the Cabinet for approval, and then forwards it to the National Assembly for ratification. Once ratified, it is published in the Kenya Gazette.
Yes, Members of Parliament are involved. After Cabinet approval, the programme is forwarded to the National Assembly for ratification before it is gazetted and implemented.
The Privatisation Authority implements the programme in accordance with the Privatisation Act, 2023.
Implementation involves assessing the entity's position, developing a proposal for Cabinet approval, conducting a business evaluation to determine the reserve price, and privatising the entity using the approved method.
Proceeds from privatisation are paid into the Consolidated Fund.
Any person, whether Kenyan or non-Kenyan, can participate. However, the Cabinet Secretary, National Treasury and Economic Planning, may limit participation to Kenyans only.
Yes. Sections 45 and 46 of the Privatisation Act, 2023 provide mechanisms for lodging objections to the Authority and appeals to the Privatisation Review Board.
The offices are located on the 10th Floor of Social Security House – Annex, Bishops Road, Off Ngong’ Road, Nairobi. Contact details: P.O. Box 34542 - 00100, NAIROBI, Telephone: 020 8696800, Website:, Email:, Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter) @PrivatisationKE.

Recent Activities

Latest from Privatisation Authority

Acquisition of Government Shareholding in Kenya Hotel Properties Limited

Acquisition of Government Shareholding


The Government of Kenya, through the Privatisation Authority, invites investors to acquire 33.83% of its shareholding in Kenya Hotel Properties Limited (KHPL) by 18th April 2024. Established in 1966, KHPL owns a prime property in Nairobi's Central Business District, previously managed by the Intercontinental Hotel Group, near the National Parliament building.

Tree Planting Activity

Tree Planting


On November 13th, 2023, the Privatisation Authority planted 1,500 seedlings around the Nairobi sewage treatment plant in Ruai. Accompanied by Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u, the Authority, led by Managing Director Mr. Joseph Koskey, also planted trees in Nyandarua. Since the last financial year, the Authority has planted 23,000 trees, including 17,800 seedlings donated during the Kaptagat Annual tree planting event.

Privatisation Authority Donates 17,800 Tree Seedlings

Privatisation Authority Donates


The Privatisation Authority donated 17,800 tree seedlings during the 7th Edition of the Kaptagat Annual tree planting event at Kessup Forest in Elgeyo Marakwet. Sourced from Kericho Medium Prison and Ngeria Prison in Eldoret, these seedlings were part of the Authority's CSR efforts. Represented by Board Chairman Mr. Faisal Abbas and Executive Director Mr. Joseph Koskey, the Authority helped plant 32,000 trees, supporting the Presidential directive to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.